Barely Well-Adjusted

Nick Moor – my friend and frequent collaborator – are proud to present this web series that we wrote, produced and directed together.

Watch Tom, Julia, Mark and Rob as they encounter some serious  life problems – they face some dodgy energy pills called ‘Snake Highs’, savour the deliciousness that is ‘Jimmy O’Liver’s Tequila Shammers’ (whilst they are supposed to be taking part in Dry January), witness Tom trying to cook a one-minute meal to impress a girl as Julia tries to convince them to see a show called Phantom of the Okra, and experience Tom’s sheer joy of owning a questionable piece of movie memorabilia…it’s just a shame Julia’s ill and the movie memorabilia smells kinda funky…

All of their misadventures are set to the background of some rather odd tv shows.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy meeting them, and we assure you that they’re well-adjusted…barely.