I am a Director, Writer, and Editor with a big passion for film.

I fell in love with cinema when my father showed me how great a film can be by having me sit down and watch The Deerhunter when I was around 14 years old. His love of ‘proper films’ (as well as a respect and admiration for the colossal acting talent of Robert De Niro) rubbed off on me and I began to watch movies with a different eye, viewing them as more than mere entertainment.

It wasn’t long before I was lugging my Dad’s clunky JVC VHS-C camcorder around our house and garden, making horror/comedy/sci-fi films starring my long-suffering younger brothers (they put up with it admirably well, considering they just wanted to get on with playing Nintendo). Before long I was studying film part-time at college whilst working a dream (Mc)job at my local cinema, where I spent most of my days off consuming films (and a lot of popcorn) for free.

I went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Film and TV at university in London, UK, where my friends and I did our very best to get our hands on the university’s camera and editing equipment whenever we could.

Since graduating from university I have been involved in a wide range of films, having produced, shot, directed and edited my way through music videos, documentaries, web series and short films. My true passion is narrative film and my driving desire is to tell stories cinematically, stories that both entertain and, you know, ‘say something’.

Having moved from my hometown of London in November 2015 I now live in Northern California and I am looking to make my mark as a filmmaker here.

Enjoy watching my work, and feel free to get in touch.


"I would travel down to Hell and wrestle a film away
from the devil if it was necessary."
Werner Herzog


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